KinTrans won “Best Robotics & Electronics” category at the 2016 Innovator Show Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – March 8 2016 – KinTrans is pleased to announce it is the winner of the “Best Robotics & Electronics” category at the recently held Innovator Show in Abu Dhabi. This award is continued recognition for KinTrans innovative solution to provide technology for deaf around the world, through developing technologies using 3D cameras and kinetic movement algorithms.

KinTrans beat out a record 37 participants showcasing their work in this category at the Innovator Awards with KinTrans being selected on the criteria of idea originality, audience interaction as well as its social impact on the community. Mohamed Elwazer (CEO and Founder), Catherine Bentley (CBDO) and Adnan Haider (CFO) represented KinTrans at the event.

This is particularly gratifying for Mohamed Elwazer, Founder & CEO, KinTrans, whose motivation behind the KinTrans technology is its life transforming changes for the deaf. He is expecting the application to have immense penetration, affording deaf ease of access and removal of hindrances in the workforce as well as with essential public services.


This recognition is important to KinTrans as it helps to validate the need for integrating the hearing and deaf into one society. The deaf have a lot to say, and as citizens they should be able to participate fully in any community, just like you and me. It’s time technology step up to intuitively connect us. Mohamed Elwazer, KinTrans CEO
Winning this award provides further comfort to our current and prospective investors on the viability of the business model and the support that both the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee and Abu Dhabi Education Council has placed in KinTrans. Adnan Haider, KinTrans CFO

At a time of growing innovation globally, the Innovator Show held in Abu Dhabi served to showcase local innovation and creative talent in the UAE. The Innovator Show 2016 featured 117 projects - across six diverse categories: Aerospace; Art and Design; Automotive, Mechanics and Digital Fabrication; Robotics and Electronics; and Sustainability and Life Sciences. Innovator Show 2016 was organized by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC), and in partnership with INTEL, Innovator Programme's Technology Partner, The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and other partners including ADMAF and TECHSHOP. Innovator Show forms an integral part of the Innovator Programme, a government initiative launched to support the development of human capital in the science and technology sectors.