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    Automatic Two-Way
    Sign Language Translator
    translates sign language into voice and converts
    voice into text in real-time!
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    KinTrans Mission
    KinTrans will support 13,000,000 deaf people in North America
    By making businesses deaf accessible in the next three years.


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    Accessibility Status
    In North America and Gulf Countries
    Less Than 2%
    Businesses location aren’t easily deaf accessible!
    KinTrans is changing that with an effective and cost efficient solution.
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    For Deaf And Hard of Hearing
    KinTrans Is Paying Attention To You!
    You Can Make Your Favorite Location Accessible Today
    Be a part of our mission and help increase the accessibility percentages!
    Nominate the locations you want accessible.

KinTrans Solution

On-demand sign language translation software designed to provide effective, two-way communication between Deaf sign language users and people who use spoken languages. KinTrans translates sign language into voice and converts voice into text in real-time. KinTrans is easy to use and facilitates secure and private conversations.

Built for the business environment, it allows businesses to improve customer service experiences at the point of service, or enhance workflow productivity between Deaf and hearing colleagues in meetings and day-to-day communication.


Like never before, Deaf sign language users and spoken language users can discuss, exchange ideas, and information seamlessly.


Independent & private conversations: Automatic interpretation without third parties & conversations are never recorded.


KinTrans is a SaaS solution allowing businesses to have meaningful conversations with Deaf sign language users anytime.

Pre-Order or Sign-Up NOW for early discounted license!

With a commitment to Pre-Order TODAY, you will receive a special introductory KinTrans license at a 20% discount. Pre-Orders are priority orders and will be the first to be delivered. With a Sign-Up, we will extend a 5% courtesy discount to learn more about your organization and the opportunity to implement this software.


Provides You:
  • Immediate 20% off. Limited Offer
  • Customization For Your Brand Matching
  • Priority Delivery


Provides You:
  • Immediate 5% off. Limited Offer
  • Discount Code Is Valid At Anytime Of Purchase
  • Receiving KinTrans News And Updates

How It Works

KinTrans is an annual license SaaS solution purchased by businesses that manage high-touch customer care areas or who want to accommodate Deaf sign language employees in the workplace. KinTrans will be first issued in American Sign Language and Arabic Union Sign Language, with English and Arabic spoken language. As our markets grow, additional sign languages will be accommodated.

Ready to turn your business Deaf accessible?

For businesses, using KinTrans means new market opportunities to serve deaf people cost efficiently with high customer service quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't see your question here, then contact us and we will get back with you quickly.

Do deaf people pay any kind of fees for using KinTrans?

No, deaf people do not pay for using KinTrans. KinTrans is a fee-based device and license paid by service providers interested in improving their interactions with deaf customers through an intuitive communication experience.

Can I use KinTrans in my home?

Currently, the KinTrans device and license is available to service providers to help make their premises deaf accessible. In the near future, KinTrans will introduce a home edition.

When will KinTrans deliver its product?

KinTrans will be delivered first to all ‘Pre-Orders’ in Q1 2017. Those who have elected to ‘Sign-Up’ will receive notification of availability.

Does KinTrans require integration with our internal systems?

KinTrans device is a stand-alone device. It doesn't require any kind of integration with your internal business system.

Do we need training for using KinTrans?

KinTrans is easy! The device simply needs electricity and access to wireless Internet. When a deaf customer appears and signs to the device, it will translate the signs in text on the device screen as well as providing voice. The hearing person simply replies by speaking to the device and text will appear on the screen for the deaf.

Do businesses need any additional devices with KinTrans?

KinTrans is an all-in-one device. It has its own touch-screen, speakers and microphone. There is no need for any additional hardware unless you want to connect it to a larger screen – this is easy through an HDMI port on the device.

Accessibility Status

KinTrans is paying attention to deaf people signs and feedback! Be part of the mission and increase the accessibility percentages by telling us your favorite locations that you want accessible.


North America and Gulf Countries.

shopping centers

North America and Gulf Countries.


North America and Gulf Countries.

Government Premises

North America and Gulf Countries.

What The Signs Tell Us!

What people have said about KinTrans when we introduced it to them for the first time!

  • I had visited Al-Amal Deaf School in Sharjah before I come here to meet you. I had asked them if there is any kind of technology that can automate the translation of the sign language. Let me tell you this is fantastic and adding a new dimension to microsoft's technology.

    Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

  • I met Elwazer at Dubai accessibility Expo, KinTrans is so interesting with my experience dealing with deaf people for 17 years, I believe KinTrans will be very useful to them and it will make it easy for people who doesn't know sign language.

    Gawaher Al jasmy Dubai Disabled Club, Sign Language Interpreter

  • I felt so happy that the attention for comunication for the deaf is being pushed to another level through technology. I can only Hope for its wider recognition globally. I would like it if they introduced this in airports and stations, it would make communication much easier for me and people would understand me when I'm using sign language.

    Victor Sitali Deaf Artist

  • What I liked from this, is that yes it is a business but it is also community serving and I really really hope that this product will be soon in the market because it will benefit so many people.

    Wemmy De Maaker Mawaheb From Beautiful People Founder

We are passionate about helping everyone communicate life’s stories. KinTrans technology allows deaf people to explore their full potential in the world independently and privately. As a result, they experience a more integrated life without communication barriers.

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About Us

KinTrans is "Transforming The Way We Communicate Life’s Stories" by introducing the most intuitive sign language translator into the market.

We believe that people have unique communication styles that enable us to share our lives with each other in different ways. From a simple smile of support to communicating our personal experiences and stories – these exchanges are what give real meaning to life. Everything we do today in KinTrans is about bridging the silence between physical and verbal communication - making the impossible possible through a convenient and culturally consistent technology solution. This is the flower, our logo, we planted and nurtured with our efforts every single day. This is KinTrans.

  • Engaging
  • Private
  • On-Demand

Who we are?

KinTrans was founded in Sep 2013 by Mohamed Elwazer, our current CEO. He founded it to transform the way we communicate life's stories. KinTrans journey started with DP World at TURN8 - Dubai based accelerator - Sep 2013 to enhance the product and build the right team.

Today KinTrans accommodates a cumulative experience of 50 years in Entrepreneurship, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and R&D with a global partner network which supports KinTrans' growth and commitments.

What we do?

KinTrans chose to introduce to the market the first real time sign language translator to end the communication barriers in businesses and public locations. We believe deaf accessibility should be available 24/7.

Our proprietary algorithmic technology leads the world in opening communication between everyone.

Why we do this?

At the heart of why we created KinTrans, is a boy in a metro station. In Mohamed Elwazer’s home of Cairo, Egypt, he witnessed a deaf boy trying to sign to a police officer. Frustrated by not understanding what the boy was saying, the police officer turned his back to the boy and left him. Unassisted. All alone.

We are motivated to solve this disconnect between the hearing world and the deaf world. Our technology will change communication forever.

KinTrans Team

The KinTrans team are innovators for change who are both Deaf and hearing experts in artificial intelligence, image processing, finance, marketing and design.

Mohamed Elwazer

KinTrans Founder & CEO

Professional computer system engineer specialized in image processing and AI. passionate about helping others and building sustainable businesses which have a social aspect.

Catherine Bentley

KinTrans CBDO

Holds MBA in social enterprise from Colorado University. Worked in East Africa, South Asia and the Middle East with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and on social enterprise initiatives

Elise Roy

Deaf Advisor

JD, Law and MA, Social Design. Public Speaker on designing for disabilities. Human Centered Design specialist

Thanos Mitrelias

KinTrans Advisor & Director

Outward-looking director with 16 years of parallel entrepreneurial activity, proactively creating and leveraging opportunities in business and finance.

Barry Horwitz

Marketing Advisor

MBA, Harvard. Boston University School of Management professor in entrepreneurship & strategy. Founder, CEO of strategy consultancy in Boston.

William Larrenaga

Financial Advisor

Former KPMG LLP Partner-in-Charge of the Mid-Atlantic and New England Internal Audit Services. Technology, manufacturing, retail and distribution area of specialty.

KinTrans Mission Status

KinTrans will support 13,000,000 deaf people in North America by making businesses deaf accessible in the next 3 years.2%

Deaf People

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Open a new market to deaf clientele with an intuitive, cost efficient, enhancing and empowering device for deaf accessibility.


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Ready to turn your business Deaf accessible?

For businesses, using KinTrans means new market opportunities to serve deaf people cost efficiently with high customer service quality.

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